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Online pharmacy Dr. CanforaOnline pharmacy Dr. Canfora
Online pharmacy Dr. CanforaOnline pharmacy Dr. Canfora
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Best Client Chart

This is the section dedicated to Ranking of Best Client in the course of two months.

The ranking is updated in real time by summing the purchases made during the two months in progress.

We will give updates every 14 days on Our Facebook and Google+ Pages, but at any time you can check what position you are logging in and going back on this page.

For obvious privacy issues the ranking will only show the scores, without any reference to the master customer data.

Best Client
At the end of two months during the first 3 in the standings will be contacted in order to collect a prize that, for the May-June 2018, shall:

1st place: Discount Voucher of 40 € on your next order
2nd place: Discount Voucher of 25 € on your next order
3rd place: Discount Voucher of 15 € on your next order

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  Client Points  
1. posizione   400.40  
2. posizione   346.55  
3. posizione   339.53  
4. posizione   331.50  
5. posizione   331.08  
6. posizione   302.23  
7. posizione   292.42  
8. posizione   290.95  
9. posizione   282.29  
10. posizione   279.66  

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