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List Price 27,00 €

On line 23,20 €

NEW COMPLEX SERPLUS 20 sachets 3 grams sweetened with stevia dietary supplement alpha lactalbumin and inulin associated with fructo-oligosaccharides and NOW sweetened with stevia (rebauside A from the leaves of stevia rebaudiana), soluble in water, suitable for children, improves intestinal dysbiosis naturally, favoring l 'arrival at brain of important neurotransmitters and neuropeptides that have to control brain functions. whey protein Are the major known natural source of branched amino acids, permit immediate nourishment, they are equipped with all essential amino acids and allow effective control of body mass. Among the proteins, whey protein produce the greatest increase, as it does not precipitate in 'acidic stomach environment, arrive in ' intestines completely demolished to peptides that ...

Minsan Code: 971059528


List Price 5,99 €

On line 4,97 €

WHITENING BRUSH NACRE ' Innovative toothbrush with bristles whitening enriched with calcium carbonate, effective against stains from tea, coffee, red fruit, wine and smoke. L 'effect of calcium carbonate on the bristles of the toothbrush nacre runs out after about two months of regular use. Mode d 'use: We recommend a first brushed DRY, ie without water nor toothpaste. Rinse and repeat 's operation with little toothpaste. In the case of particularly sensitive gums, wet your toothbrush with hot water thus allowing the bristles to soften.

Minsan Code: 923526634


List Price 13,00 €

On line 10,40 €

Melcalin Base Ideal dietary supplement to promote the recovery of the physiological pH of the tissues in order to improve the psychological well-being, contarstare the effects of an unbalanced diet and assist the recovery from disease states. No gluten, sugar and lactose.

Minsan Code: 903925459


List Price 26,20 €

On line 23,06 €

LMWP LEPIDIUM Maca Polarized Zener Increased fertility, energy, power and endurance in athletes and increase mental clarity. INDICATIONS - Increased fertility - Increased energy, power and endurance in athletes - Increased mental clarity MODES OF ENGAGEMENT   Fertility treatments (three-month) - For women: three capsules a day (morning, afternoon and evening) only 2-11 days after the end of the cycle - For the man: three capsules a day (morning, afternoon and evening) for three months.   Other treatments (minimum 60 days): two capsules a day (morning and afternoon). Format 30 capsules.

Minsan Code: 901633762


List Price 7,00 €

On line 5,95 €

Boiron LEDUM PALUSTRE 200C GRAINS Mosquito bites: to help you better deal with this problem exists, however, a homeopathic remedy. It is Ledum Palustre   (Rhododendron tomentosum), commonly known as wild rosemary which acts directly on the smell of human blood making it unpleasant to insects (but not to humans, of course) It 'important to start treatment in the first periods of sightings of mosquitoes, that already from May until September and when (usually) the insects cease to proliferate. There are those who use this remedy in anticipation of a trip to exotic countries, and not to follow prophylaxis full of contraindications. The Ledum palustre is available in granules of different concentrations ...

Minsan Code: 800204998


List Price 8,05 €

On line 7,00 €

Menalind Professional Clean Cleansing foam ideal for obtaining a gentle yet effective cleansing of the skin in cases where it is difficult to proceed with the normal washing, for example in the case of incontinence in the elderly bedridden. The pH is neutral, respects the skin and eliminates odors.

EAN Code: 4049500112758

Minsan Code: 922194648


List Price 12,50 €

On line 10,88 €

Sanotint 26 Hair dye to the Golden Mile, hypoallergenic, highly effective in the cover gray hair, no parabens nor ammonia. In the box anchel'emulsione fixative, the balm restructuring and a pair of gloves relevant to the application.

EAN Code: 8021685300263

Minsan Code: 902504998


List Price 41,60 €

On line 35,00 €

ARTEMISIA ANNUAL Sarandrea Ltd. Water-alcohol solution of Artemisia annua produced by the firm Sarandrea srl. Take the second dose prescribed by your doctor. Incoming product, once available will be processed orders received in chronological order. For more information contact, even by telephone.

Minsan Code: 911168476


List Price 38,00 €

On line 33,06 €

Waterfall D-mannosio Defined as the best natural antibacterial against the lower urinary tract infections by E. Coli, is presented in this supplement in its molecular form bioactive, able to bind to pathogens triggering episodes of cystitis and prevent that these adhere to the mucosa. Preventive and curative, 100% natural.

EAN Code: 5060086380002

Minsan Code: 920014026


List Price 15,80 €

On line 13,75 €

Melatonin's Dr. Pierpaolo Food supplement indicaato to rebalance the body's physiological cycles, especially the sleep-wake disorders and decrease related to it. Also referred to better absorb the jet lag.

EAN Code: 8013710310019

Minsan Code: 905342212


List Price 13,60 €

On line 11,70 €

BODY SPRING BIO ZINC Food supplement of zinc. Zinc contributes to the normal function of the immune system. Ingredients * RDA: recommended daily allowance. Mode d 'use We recommend 'taking one tablet a day. Warnings Any slight variation in color of the tablets may be attributed to the natural ingredients contained in them and does not indicate alteration of the quality of the product. Keep out of reach of children under 3 years of age. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Supplements should not be taken as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and ...

EAN Code: 8000036007716

Minsan Code: 906269547


List Price 33,00 €

On line 28,71 €

Synchrolevels Contains vitamin mix indicated associated with extract of fish eggs fertilized in a position to balance the altered metabolism of cancer patients and in general provide a valuable aid to the patient suffering from cachexia with generalized decay.

EAN Code: 8051414010019

Minsan Code: 935334363


List Price 12,50 €

On line 10,88 €

Sanotint 75 Light Hair dye to the Golden Mile with plant extracts, paraben-free, hypoallergenic, effectively covers gray hair. in the package also fixing the emulsion and the balm restructuring, as well as gains gloves for the application.

EAN Code: 8021685200051

Minsan Code: 906038536


List Price 6,60 €

On line 5,80 €


Minsan Code: 002955060


List Price 3,89 €

On line 3,50 €

Fortimel Caffe ' Food supplement intended as protein supplement, enriched with minerals and vitamins, intended to nutritional treatment in case of malnutrition associated with different pathologies and in cases of limited capacity in swallowing solid foods. Gluten-free, pleasant taste to the coffee.

EAN Code: 8712400683999

Minsan Code: 910890856


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