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List Price 27,00 €

On line 23,20 €

NEW COMPLEX SERPLUS 20 sachets 3 grams sweetened with stevia dietary supplement alpha lactalbumin and inulin associated with fructo-oligosaccharides and NOW sweetened with stevia (rebauside A from the leaves of stevia rebaudiana), soluble in water, suitable for children, improves intestinal dysbiosis naturally, favoring l 'arrival at brain of important neurotransmitters and neuropeptides that have to control brain functions. whey protein Are the major known natural source of branched amino acids, permit immediate nourishment, they are equipped with all essential amino acids and allow effective control of body mass. Among the proteins, whey protein produce the greatest increase, as it does not precipitate in 'acidic stomach environment, arrive in ' intestines completely demolished to peptides that ...

Minsan Code: 971059528


List Price 1,70 €

On line 1,50 €

CHOPPED APPLES The window on the sky 100% delicious organic fruit processed at low temperature, for maximum preservation of nutritional quality. A snack or dessert full of nature. No added sugar. Once opened, keep refrigerated and use within 1 days. Nutritional characteristics Formato 200 g. Cod. 1PUME

EAN Code: 8017977007606

Minsan Code: 906598836


List Price 6,80 €

On line 5,57 €

Kukident Plus Polvere Emery powder that ensures a strong grip, rapid and prolonged denture. To this is added an optimum protective action on the gums in the pressure points of the prosthesis itself. DETAILS

List Price 13,00 €

On line 10,40 €

Melcalin Base Ideal dietary supplement to promote the recovery of the physiological pH of the tissues in order to improve the psychological well-being, contarstare the effects of an unbalanced diet and assist the recovery from disease states. No gluten, sugar and lactose.

Minsan Code: 903925459


List Price 9,60 €

On line 8,35 €

Biotene Oralbalance Soothes and protects the oral mucosa by small irritations and burning sensations restoring the natural defenses of their saliva. E 'indicated, for example, for those suffering from dry mouth as a result of drug therapy and radiotherapy, diabetes and stress. It is applied on the tongue and spreads in the mouth.

EAN Code: 8016825969035

Minsan Code: 938062193


List Price 33,00 €

On line 28,71 €

Synchrolevels Contains vitamin mix indicated associated with extract of fish eggs fertilized in a position to balance the altered metabolism of cancer patients and in general provide a valuable aid to the patient suffering from cachexia with generalized decay.

EAN Code: 8051414010019

Minsan Code: 935334363


List Price 26,20 €

On line 23,06 €

LMWP LEPIDIUM Maca Polarized Zener Increased fertility, energy, power and endurance in athletes and increase mental clarity. INDICATIONS - Increased fertility - Increased energy, power and endurance in athletes - Increased mental clarity MODES OF ENGAGEMENT   Fertility treatments (three-month) - For women: three capsules a day (morning, afternoon and evening) only 2-11 days after the end of the cycle - For the man: three capsules a day (morning, afternoon and evening) for three months.   Other treatments (minimum 60 days): two capsules a day (morning and afternoon). Format 30 capsules.

Minsan Code: 901633762


List Price 10,50 €

On line 8,93 €

NEURABEN capsules 100MG Vitamin pharmacological support B1, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 recommended in deficiency states of the same at the level of the neuromuscular system.

Minsan Code: 023585019


List Price 18,00 €

On line 15,84 €

LITOCALCIUM Bioearth Dietary supplement of lithothamnium calcareum, calcified algae that grows on the coast of Ireland. Rich in calcium and ocean minerals in highly bioavailable form essential to the trophism of the bone tissue. Ingredients Lithothamnium calcareum alga. Mode d 'use 3 capsules a day, preferably with food (bring 696 mg calcium, 87% RDA). Warnings For women who are pregnant or nursing and children it is recommended to seek the advice of your doctor. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of reach of children under 3 years ...

EAN Code: 8029182001928

Minsan Code: 904422654


List Price 44,90 €

On line 38,61 €

MICOTHERAPY RISHIS Food supplement made from the extract of Ganoderma lucidum, known as Reishi: it is a medicinal mushroom known and used for centuries in the East for its multiple actions that promote the general welfare 's body, first of all to prepare and stimulate the immune system to respond more effectively. Obviously not recommended for those shows are the subjective allergies to fungi and those who take anticoagulants and antiplatelet drugs, it is necessary that its origin is from organic farmers to avoid any form of contamination: the Micotherapy Reishi AVD the company complies with the highest standards of safety production, that's why it appears here in ...

Minsan Code: 923589004


List Price 16,00 €

On line 13,90 €

Solution Of Manna Obtained from the sap of solidified ash, but ready to use after processing that makes The Fountain of Geraci Siculo, is valued for centuries as a digestive, sweetener, detoxification, intestinal regulator, emollient, diuretic, depurative and expectorant. Well-being by nature, according to tradition.

EAN Code: 8033003250211

Minsan Code: 923135406


List Price 19,90 €

On line 17,51 €

ACIDIF PLUS Food supplement made of methionine, hibiscus extract and boswellia, permicts the correct operation of urinary tract. Creates conditions unfavorable to the development and proliferation of bacteria.

EAN Code: 8058341430040

Minsan Code: 931010589


List Price 6,20 €

On line 5,27 €

Cebion 500 ORANGE 20 chewable tablets Drug based on vitamin bank C indicated in deficiency states of this component.

Minsan Code: 003366150


List Price 24,50 €

On line 21,56 €

BONYPLUS FISSAPONTI Kit for fixing temporary dental crowns and bridges, ideal in case of need for urgent action before going to the dentist for the final repair.

EAN Code: 7611645000046

Minsan Code: 902474206


List Price 10,30 €

On line 8,96 €

Hawthorn Specchiasol Food supplement made from the extract of leaves and flowers of hawthorn plant known for centuries for its relaxing effect generalized to the whole organism.

EAN Code: 8002738850300

Minsan Code: 906260245


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