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Online pharmacy Dr. CanforaOnline pharmacy Dr. Canfora


                                  Sunday, 19 September 2021
Online pharmacy Dr. CanforaOnline pharmacy Dr. Canfora


                                  Sunday, 19 September 2021


                                  Sunday, 19 September 2021

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Dear visitors,

we are making an important technical intervention on our system to make your faster.

See you soon, very soon!

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Dear visitors, here's all the promotions available to you to increase your savings through our site. We invite you to take a few minutes to study them, so that they can enjoy the best possible:

1) Italian Jackpot:

Measure our ability to cover the national territory: once, as of the date indicated, we have reached with our service 90 provinces out of 110, will light the Jackpot that will allow YOU ALL to enjoy a extrasconto for the entire period in which we will keep it on. We do not say we ship everywhere... I do see every day, province after province!

2) Welcome Ticket:

Is the news for those who use our website for the first time. At a time in which we will ship your first order, if you 're registered / o you have made in the period when the Welcome Ticket will be activated , you will receive an email with a voucher to be exploited in your eventual second order (a minimum of € 85.00 in products, as well you will not have shipping charges and the discount will be REAL about products), without time limit, when you want anyway... One post to follow: you can not take advantage of the welcome ticket if the jackpot is on Italy.

3) Bonus Over 200:

Have placed an order over € 200.00? Thank you, we want to reward you! At a time when we will ship it to you, you'll receive an email with a coupon of 10,00 EURO to take advantage of on your next order (for a minimum of € 85.00 in products), without time limit, at the time when you will not JACKPOT ITALY active.
Warning: if the orders over € 200 will be set up with when the active Jackpot Italy, NO BONUS OVER 200 code will be generated.

4) Discount Coupon:

During some special occasions, but not only, sometimes suddenly will make available a discount coupon valid on all our online catalog. Sign up for our newsletter not to lose or follow us on our social pages to find out how and when to save even more (on order, as usual, for a minimum of € 85.00 in products)!

5) Loyalty Card Online:

Every € you spend on our site earns you one loyalty point. Reached the score you want, you can request a voucher valid throughout our list, without a time limit, so you can exploit it on when you want to order a minimum of € 85.00 in products, except on days when JACKPOT ITALY will be active.


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Well, these are 6 good reasons to become and remain Customer www.farmaciacanfora.com. The seventh? Speed ​​and accuracy of delivery, reliable service, direct assistance for every need, customer care that only a team of pharmacists can guarantee real. Do not tell us. They say the more than 30 thousand customers that we have served over 5 years.

WARNING: all the promo shown on this page are ONLY valid for orders shipped to ITALY except the ranking BEST CLIENT and which includes our customers in other European countries.

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