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ABOCA COLILEN Colilen IBS Colilen IBS is indicated for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome, characterized by pain, swelling, distention and abdominal discomfort, associated or not with changes in the appearance of the stool and intestinal irregularity (constipation, diarrhea or alternation of both). Due to its protective mechanism, Colilen IBS gradually reduces intestinal disorders and, depending on the intensity of the disorder, it is advisable to prolong the treatment for 2 to 6 weeks and to repeat it if the first symptoms recur. Colilen IBS operculum acts thanks to its patented molecular complex ActiMucin, composed of ...

Minsan Code: 970489593


List Price 69,90 €

On line 69,90 €

TIPPY BLUETOOTH CAR CUSHION NEWLY AVAILABLE FROM NOVEMBER 18, 2019, the orders you received first will be valid as a reservation Tippy Description Bluetooth technology bearing equipped with a sensor which, when applied to your child's car seat, makes it possible to detect their presence, avoiding the risk of forgetting it inside the car. Once positioned on the support, notify the parent with a notification (sound alarm) on the smartphone in case you leave leaving your child inside the cockpit. It allows you to send, in case of no reply to the notification, an SMS to preset telephone numbers indicating ...

EAN Code: 8058776970074

Minsan Code: 976101978


List Price 63,90 €

On line 56,20 €

PEYFLOG Food supplement based on Vitamin E and Paraminobenzoic acid, with Milk Thistle, Horse Chestnut, Cranberry, Boswellia and Superoxide Dismutase.

Minsan Code: 978103671


List Price 24,50 €

On line 21,55 €

MIELINACT Food supplement based on lipoic acid and ginkgo biloba extract indicated as a support in the treatment of acute and chronic neuropathies and myelinopathies of different origins.

EAN Code: 8059020810108

Minsan Code: 931960607


List Price 4,35 €

On line 3,85 €


EAN Code: 8001841034386

Minsan Code: 976966756


List Price 8,10 €

On line 7,00 €

24-HOUR URINE CONTAINER 24-hour plastic urine collection container with screw cap. It is advisable to start harvesting in the morning as soon as you wake up to continue for the next 24 hours.

Minsan Code: 909877033


List Price 6,50 €

On line 5,75 €

ESI ALOE FRESH ZERO ALCOHOL COLLUTORY Retard action mouthwash, natural origin with antibacterial, formulated with a unique combination of natural active ingredients; reduces plaque, halitosis, protects gums and prevents cavities. Thanks to propolis and xylitol, it helps to prevent bacterial growth by giving a fresh breath; aloe vera plays a natural soothing action; without alcohol, it does not burn, pleasant for the whole family. Taste: strong mint. Without fluorine, preservatives, artificial colors and saccharin; as a sweetener, xylitol has been used, useful to counteract the proliferation of bacteria responsible for the formation of plaque and caries, which is instead favored by sugars. It does ...

EAN Code: 8008843009930

Minsan Code: 922925906


List Price 19,60 €

On line 17,25 €

C 2000 BY LEO Food supplement based on vitamin C from acerola and bioflavonids indicated as an antioxidant and support of normal immune defenses How to use: 1 tablet a day to chew or melt in the mouth

EAN Code: 8032542091033

Minsan Code: 900495250


List Price 23,50 €

On line 20,70 €

KANDIMOL Kandimol Description Food supplement based on dry extract of Enzymes from fermented maltodextrin (Enzymix), medium chain fatty acids, tindalized lactobacilli and biotin. Enzymix is a mixture of enzymes rich in cellulases, hemicellulases, beta-glucanases and phytases. Medium chain fatty acids, in particular caprylic, facilitate the attack of antifungal agents on candida cells Lacindicated Lactobacillus acidophilus prevents the aggregation of fungal cells. Property Enzymix : is a mixture of enzymes rich in cellulases, hemicellulases, beta-glucanases and phytases. This mixture allows the digestion of mannans, beta-glucans and chitin which form the coating ...

Minsan Code: 940130863


List Price 21,90 €

On line 19,30 €

SAUBER COLLANT 70 DENARI BLACK SIZE 1 SAUBER Classic Line Tights It offers high functionality and durability, thus maintaining the compression action graded over time. The anatomically reinforced panty-shaped panty increases its durability, the elastic toe and the reinforced heel offer a correct positioning of the ankle sock. In Smooth Jersey. Made with very fine elastic yarns with double coating and smooth knit, for a sheer, soft and comfortable effect. They are CE medical devices. Carefully read the warnings and instructions for use. Authorization of 06 April 2017. Format ...

EAN Code: 8005520603573

Minsan Code: 971169293


List Price 120,00 €

On line 104,70 €

LAO DAN GANODERMA POWDER Dry powder extract of ganoderma lucidum indicated as a base for preparations with the purpose of supporting the immune system

Minsan Code: 905616064


List Price 23,60 €

On line 20,75 €

LAO DAN GANODERMA PLUS Food supplement based on standardized dry extract and titrated with ganoderma and zinc, useful for supporting the body's natural defenses and countering cellular aging processes caused by free radicals. Ingredients * RDA = Recommended daily dose. Zinc is already naturally contained in the herbal substance ganoderma lucidum. It does not contain preservatives, sweeteners, colorings, or artificial flavors. Mode of use 1-2 tablets per day, preferably with meals. Warnings In transplanted patients, in case of autoimmune diseases, asthma or allergic rhinitis, consult your doctor before taking the ...

Minsan Code: 906867104


List Price 48,90 €

On line 43,00 €

REGULAT SKIN ENERGY MOUSSE Contains a combination of Regulat and high doses of hyaluronic acid, to protect the skin from external environmental influences and thus counteract its aging. It protects against photo-oxidative stress and increases ATP cellular energy in each skin cell for a prolonged anti-aging effect. Mousse useful as a concurrent skin care therapy for eczema and psoriasis. Dermatologically tested, without preservatives. Mode of use Morning and evening, spray the desired amount of foam into the palm of your hand and massage gently. Components Aqua; regulat (cascade-fermented organic concentrated from: aqua, citrus limon, ...

EAN Code: 4260084347927

Minsan Code: 924525696


List Price 20,90 €

On line 18,40 €

LONGLIFE C COMPLEX DIETARY SUPPLEMENT Indications Vitamin C plays essential functions in the regulation of numerous biochemical reactions in the body: it participates in the formation of collagen, allows the development and maintenance of bones, teeth, blood vessels and connective tissues, it is involved in the synthesis of corticosteroid hormones and antibodies and is necessary for the absorption of food iron. Thanks to its antioxidant activity, it also plays an important role in numerous immune mechanisms. The particular t / r (time released) shape allows the gradual release of water-soluble nutrients in the body over a 12-hour period. Posology and ...

EAN Code: 8054521000508

Minsan Code: 908761125


List Price 12,50 €

On line 11,00 €

APROPOS RINO DEFENS aerosol vials apropos RINO DEFENS Vials for Aerosols Description Medical Device CE 0373 Class IIA. Performing a moisturizing action on the mucous membranes of the nose and throat and favoring the removal of excess secretions, it is indicated in case of affections of the mucous membranes of the nose and upper respiratory tract. Through an emollient action of washout and hydration it reduces the excess of secretions and favors the maintenance of the physiological mucociliary movement, improving the fluidization of the mucus. Based on Propolis and with essential oils such as Eucalyptus, ...

EAN Code: 8026486013398

Minsan Code: 927038719


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