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GUAM LEGGINS FABRIC ALGAE SIZE L / XL GUAM THE LEGGINS Made with the intelligent yarn EMANA, containing bioactive mineral crystals that absorb the heat of the human body to return it in the form of Far Infrared Rays (FIR). Far Infrared Rays are electromagnetic waves essential for our well-being and are used in the medical therapeutic field. The bioactive mineral crystals contained in the EMANA tissue improve the microcirculation at the cutaneous level: being integrated into the tissue they carry out their action for almost the entire life of the Leggings. The microcapsules incorporated into the tissue release the active ...

Minsan Code: 972250322


List Price 25,50 €

On line 22,45 €

DEFENSE COLOR HYDRA 102 SABLE Moisturizing foundation to even out the complexion and correct small imperfections, signs of couperose and redness, even the most delicate and sensitive skin. The light texture slides on the skin making it soft and silky allowing a modular coverage. Gives a natural complexion and keeps the skin hydrated and protected. Enriched with "Glow Factor ", a pool of antioxidant assets, consisting of: • Lipo-cocoa extract: lipophilic fraction extracted from the cocoa bean containing special biolipids with smoothing power of the cutaneous microrelief. • Moringa oleifera oil: vegetable oil with a high content of unsaturated fatty acids. Effective ...

EAN Code: 8029041171120

Minsan Code: 924992959


List Price 22,50 €

On line 19,80 €

AVENE TOLERANCE EXTREME EMULSION EAU THERMALE Avène Tolerance EXTRÊME Emulsion TEXTURE LÉGÈRE Peaux sensibles à hypersensibles hypoallergenic It moisturizes and soothes all sensitive skin respecting it. Patented formulas * in harmony with the skin FISIOlogy: 1) PHYSIO-compatible ingredients that mimic skin biological processes. 2) FISIO-endings for a perfect skin affinity. 3) Sterile cosmetics, essential formulas to ensure maximum safety: 7 ingredients at most. It is indicated for all ...

EAN Code: 3282770000634

Minsan Code: 935593172


List Price 2,55 €

On line 2,25 €

BIOFIBRE + INTEGRAL FLOUR OAT OF OATH Features: without wheat. High in fiber. Components: whole wheat flour.

EAN Code: 8017977016806

Minsan Code: 911430243


List Price 32,60 €

On line 28,70 €

SOLGAR PINOFLAVO Food supplement that is a natural support to blood vessels and capillaries, even against damage caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight. In summer it can be used as a second line of defense, after sunscreens, against erythema, photosensitivity and premature aging of the skin. Pycnogenol, in fact, realigns the collagen fibers in an undamaged form, the skin is therefore more elastic and the appearance of wrinkles is delayed. Alongside its antioxidant and vascular support properties, it has been studied as an adjuvant for cardiovascular well-being, for skin support, for cognitive function and as a support in case of intense sports activity and menstrual disorders. ...

EAN Code: 0033984023031

Minsan Code: 901016547


List Price 10,90 €

On line 9,60 €

KERATOSTILL EYE DROPS OCULAR DROPS Indications Protective epithelium, lubricating, moisturizing, soothing eye drops, adjuvants in the corneal re-epithelialization process after stress, to alleviate the sensation of dryness and slight ocular irritation caused by environmental conditions (air conditioning, smoke, dust, solar irradiation), fatigue, prolonged exposure to computer screens. Features Tear substitute. Components Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose 0.3%; cetrimide 0.010%; dexpanthenol; disodium edetate; monobasic potassium phosphate; dibasic sodium phosphate; purified water. Format 10 ml.

Minsan Code: 904063219


List Price 32,50 €

On line 28,60 €

NEPICOMPLEX1 DREN NepiComplex1 Dren is a dietary supplement based on pilosella and birch useful to promote the drainage of body fluids; it also contains milk thistle useful to promote the physiological functions of the body's purification, hawthorn useful in regulating the functionality of the cardiovascular system and green coffee by tonic action and support for metabolism. HOW TO USE: the normal ordinary food ration can be assisted by the intake of 1 scoop of 20ml diluted in 2 liters of water, to be drunk during the day. . 

Minsan Code: 934040496


List Price 15,00 €

On line 13,20 €

MONOGIN OVULI MONOGIN ovules Adjuvant in the treatment of vulvovaginitis and cervicovaginitis of any origin and nature. The use of the product during the treatment of vaginal diseases or after physical treatment (DTC, Laser therapy, Cryotherapy) helps to restore the normal physiological conditions of the vagina. The product is preserved with polyesanide (PHMB), a cationic surfactant with very high tolerability on all the mucous membranes. Polyesanide is a polymer formed from monomers containing a biguanide group. The use of the product promotes the restoration of normal physiological functions even during traumatic ...

Minsan Code: 932182076


List Price 34,00 €

On line 29,90 €

FEMAL 30 capsules Femal

EAN Code: 5060431940004

Minsan Code: 974658508


List Price 14,00 €

On line 12,35 €

CALCIOBASE 30 STICK CALCIOBASE Description Calcium source food supplement with sweetener. Property Calciumbase calcium is in the form of calcium citrate, which represents a bioavailable organic form of this mineral. it is necessary for the maintenance of the normal structure of the bone tissue and ensures the regular contractile function of the muscular tissue. Calcium base can; help to take the proper amount of calcium daily as a complement to the diet. Useful to all those who, due to their eating habits, lifestyle or other factors influencing calcium homeostasis, need ...

EAN Code: 8056515860341

Minsan Code: 973145838


List Price 15,90 €

On line 14,00 €

FIBRA MUCIL dr Giorgini MULTI-ACTION FORMULA 6 IN 1: 1) Fibers and lactic ferments help to maintain the balance of the intestinal bacterial flora. 2) Psyllium, agar-agar and chicory promote intestinal regularity by normalizing the volume and consistency of the faeces. 3) Psyllium and acacia play an emollient and soothing action on the whole digestive system. 4) Psyllium, agar-agar and guar modulate the absorption of nutrients. 5) Psyllium and acacia facilitate the metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids. 6) Guar promotes the sense of satiety.   Psillio (Plantago ovata) cuticle of seeds, agar-agar (Gelidium amansii) thallus (alga) ES, acacia (Acacia senegal) gum, beet (Beta vulgaris), ES roots (95% titre ...

EAN Code: 8056364775261

Minsan Code: 971298753


List Price 16,99 €

On line 14,95 €


Minsan Code: 935771016


List Price 5,90 €

On line 5,20 €

TONIMER LAB MONODOSE tonimer lab: MONODOSE Sterile isotonic solution of seawater for the removal and fluidification of the mucus of nasal cavities and ocular secretions of the newborn and the child.

EAN Code: 8033224818597

Minsan Code: 934001381


List Price 30,00 €

On line 26,40 €

ONYSTER PASTA UREA 10G + CER 21P CE medical device, class I, recommended for the topical treatment of mycosis of fingernails and toenails. Thanks to the composition based on 40% urea, Onyster weakens only the parts of the infected nail (due to the fungus) which ensure the adherence of the nail to the nail bed. This weakening allows the selective separation of the diseased part of the nail, facilitating the cutting and therefore the removal, in preparation for the subsequent anti-mycotic treatment. Mode of use Apply once a day on the infected nail the amount of ointment necessary to cover the entire surface. Protect with an occlusive ...

EAN Code: 3592619314311

Minsan Code: 930861733


List Price 31,00 €

On line 27,30 €

SKINIUS MILIS DETERGENT MILIS r n CLEANSING MILK Anti-aging moisturizing cleansing milk for a gentle cleansing of the skin tissue. Mode of use Apply the product by gently massaging and rinsing. Ideal for cleansing sensitive skin of face and body. Components Aqua (water); ethylhexyl stearate; PEG-7 glyceryl cocoate; C13-14 isoparaffin; polyacrylamide; laureth-7; triethanolamine; acrylates / C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer; caprylyl / capryl glucoside; phosphatidylcholine; glucosamine; glycosaminoglycans; vaccinium myrtillus leaf extract; vitis vinifera leaf extract (vitis vinifera (grape) leaf extract); rose canina leaf extract; viola tricolor extract; superoxide dismutase; ...

Minsan Code: 921733251


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