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Online pharmacy Dr. CanforaOnline pharmacy Dr. Canfora
Online pharmacy Dr. CanforaOnline pharmacy Dr. Canfora
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List Price 20,00 €

On line 18,00 €

Fitostimoline GAUZES 15% 10 gauze Based drug aqueous extract of Triticum vulgare to 15% indicated for the treatment of skin ulcers and bedsores.

Minsan Code: 009115039


List Price 27,00 €

On line 21,60 €

Vea Pf-c Cream Vitamin E in combination with extracts from green tea, grape seed and vitamin C for antioxidant effect against alteration and degradation of the skin barrier and collagen. Vitamin C inhibits hyperpigmentation, ideal for discoloration of the skin.

EAN Code: 8032638560269

Minsan Code: 903987446


List Price 26,20 €

On line 23,06 €

LMWP LEPIDIUM Maca Polarized Zener Increased fertility, energy, power and endurance in athletes and increase mental clarity. INDICATIONS - Increased fertility - Increased energy, power and endurance in athletes - Increased mental clarity MODES OF ENGAGEMENT   Fertility treatments (three-month) - For women: three capsules a day (morning, afternoon and evening) only 2-11 days after the end of the cycle - For the man: three capsules a day (morning, afternoon and evening) for three months.   Other treatments (minimum 60 days): two capsules a day (morning and afternoon). Format 30 capsules.

Minsan Code: 901633762


List Price 23,00 €

On line 19,55 €

Melcalin MGK Food supplement high tolerance useful, thanks to its intake of magnesium and potassium, as an aid in the integration of unbalanced diets and in the case of physical and mental fatigue.

Minsan Code: 930380985


List Price 15,80 €

On line 13,75 €

Melatonin's Dr. Pierpaolo Food supplement indicaato to rebalance the body's physiological cycles, especially the sleep-wake disorders and decrease related to it. Also referred to better absorb the jet lag.

EAN Code: 8013710310019

Minsan Code: 905342212


List Price 14,10 €

On line 11,28 €

Omniskin 500 Crema Non-fat cream rich specific for the treatment of xerosis. On the basis of plant associated with urea and polysaccharides, stimulates the function of the skin moisturizing factor and reduces the thickening of the skin with a regenerating action. Ideal for sensitive skins and intoleranti, without perfume and petrolatum.

Minsan Code: 939312841


List Price 13,30 €

On line 11,31 €

Bioderm Dermolatte Fluid cream cleanser highly hypoallergenic, provides a natural and physiological cleansing even the most sensitive and irritated skin. It soothes and balances the rehydrating dry and dehydrated skin. Convenient half-liter bottle.

Minsan Code: 902406558


List Price 24,50 €

On line 21,56 €

BONYPLUS FISSAPONTI Kit for fixing temporary dental crowns and bridges, ideal in case of need for urgent action before going to the dentist for the final repair.

EAN Code: 7611645000046

Minsan Code: 902474206


List Price 3,89 €

On line 3,40 €

Vanilla Fortimel Food supplement intended as protein supplement, enriched with minerals and vitamins, intended to nutritional treatment in case of malnutrition associated with different pathologies and in cases of limited capacity in swallowing solid foods. Gluten-free, pleasant to the taste of vanilla.

Minsan Code: 8712400683999


List Price 12,50 €

On line 10,88 €

Sanotint 01 Hair dye to the Golden Mile and vegetable extracts, natural, hypoallergenic, paraben-free and ammonia-free. Leaves hair soft, ensuring effective coating effect on the white

EAN Code: 8021685010018

Minsan Code: 909051043


List Price 38,00 €

On line 33,06 €

Waterfall D-mannosio Defined as the best natural antibacterial against the lower urinary tract infections by E. Coli, is presented in this supplement in its molecular form bioactive, able to bind to pathogens triggering episodes of cystitis and prevent that these adhere to the mucosa. Preventive and curative, 100% natural.

EAN Code: 5060086380002

Minsan Code: 920014026


List Price 6,60 €

On line 5,80 €


Minsan Code: 002955060


List Price 12,50 €

On line 10,75 €

BIOKERATIN ACH PRODIGE 1N 8 COLOR BLACK BLACK shades recommended if your starting color is black, dark brown, brown and light brown. The flagship line of dyed permanent list of farmaciacanfora.com. Why? 8 EFFECTS: 100% white hair coverage. Long duration . Bright color. Natural effect. Restructuring. Moisturizing . Protective . Silky. 8 NATURAL OILS: sunflower oil: moisturizes, nourishes and protects the hair fiber. Neutralizes the damage induced by free radicals (oxidation and UV radiation) and prevents color fading and increases the life tella her estate. Healthy hair and thick, bright color even longer Jojoba oil: hydration and softness to the hair, even in the most dry ...

EAN Code: 8057742221080

Minsan Code: 927762397


List Price 7,00 €

On line 5,95 €

Boiron LEDUM PALUSTRE 200C GRAINS Mosquito bites: to help you better deal with this problem exists, however, a homeopathic remedy. It is Ledum Palustre   (Rhododendron tomentosum), commonly known as wild rosemary which acts directly on the smell of human blood making it unpleasant to insects (but not to humans, of course) It 'important to start treatment in the first periods of sightings of mosquitoes, that already from May until September and when (usually) the insects cease to proliferate. There are those who use this remedy in anticipation of a trip to exotic countries, and not to follow prophylaxis full of contraindications. The Ledum palustre is available in granules of different concentrations ...

Minsan Code: 800204998


List Price 15,00 €

On line 13,05 €

Vagostabil Tablets Food supplement made of estrattti of hawthorn and lemon balm associated with magnesium help to contain so physiological states of tension enervosismo whether or not accompanied by sleep disorders.

Minsan Code: 902077383


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