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List Price 12,80 €

On line 11,14 €

Silor Ear Plugs Comfortable soft silicone ear plugs to be molded in the shape of a cone and insert in the outer ear to protect yourself from loud noises or water in the case of bathroom and dive.

EAN Code: 8015654885851

Minsan Code: 902885856


List Price 10,10 €

On line 8,78 €

CIPRIA VIAN INCOLORE Loose powder with duvet, silky and impalpable, gives the skin a velvety appearance, suitable for all skin types. Appreciated by make-up artists and makeup artists from television, film and theater for the 'exceptional lightness and the ability to standardize the trick.

EAN Code: 8009083000701

Minsan Code: 00000000021


List Price 24,90 €

On line 21,17 €

RIGENIL HAIR Brand new dietary supplement that makes the patent Pigmentil Complex its strength compared to everything that is found on the market so far: it is a formula that includes tamarind extract, ornithine and phenylalanine associated with vitamin B6, omega 3 and 6 and lycopene . This perfect mix acts by enhancing the synthesis of cysteine, an amino acid important in the composition of keratin and has resulted in studies performed in these results: 38% decrease of gray hair 54% increase in brightness 55% increase in the diameter of the stem 57% decrease in the fall. on is therefore an excellent remedy for the loss of pigmentation of the hair and its ...

EAN Code: 8032628862441

Minsan Code: 933417026


List Price 20,00 €

On line 17,60 €

TRIAXAN Food supplement made of dry extract from the pulp of the fruit of the Garcinia mangostana, rich in nutrients called xanthones, antioxidants with strong anti-inflammatory qualities, key elements in the fight against oxidation and chronic inflammation. It improves and restores the health and general well-being, increasing the level of energy and mental agility.

Minsan Code: 920603432


List Price 44,50 €

On line 38,27 €

Nec Food Protein Protein food low in electrolytes, but with high energy density to be used under medical advice (which MUST indicate the dosage), can be used in diets that require high energy intake and low in protein.

Minsan Code: 902081177


List Price 16,00 €

On line 14,10 €

PEAMAX 20 tablets Food supplement based on palmitoylethanolamide, bromelain and escin, useful as anti-inflammatory support against joint pain in general, also accompanied by swelling and edema.

Minsan Code: 935752271


List Price 41,60 €

On line 35,00 €

ARTEMISIA ANNUAL Sarandrea Ltd. Water-alcohol solution of Artemisia annua produced by the firm Sarandrea srl. Take the second dose prescribed by your doctor. Incoming product, once available will be processed orders received in chronological order. For more information contact, even by telephone.

Minsan Code: 911168476


List Price 24,90 €

On line 21,91 €

GLAUKOMM Food supplement made of a 'Association of choline, blackcurrant extract and coleus forskohlii, nervonic acid and vitamins A, C and E which can contribute to the maintenance of visual acuity and protection of cells from oxidative stress. RECRUITMENT: 1 or 2 sachets per day as recommended specialist dissolved in half a glass of 'water or other beverage.

Minsan Code: 922551736


List Price 12,50 €

On line 11,00 €

SANOTINT 03 TINTURA HAIR CLASSIC NATURAL CHESTNUT COLOR 03 Do it yourself hair color with golden millet and vegetable extracts, without hydroquinone, parabens, paraffin, ammonia, animal derivatives, preservatives, alcohol, GMOs and added metals. Tested on nickel. Suitable for all hair. Instructions for Use Depending on the length of the hair, mix a certain amount of dye in a non-metallic bowl with the same amount of fixative (1: 1). Apply the mixture with a brush or a comb on dry hair. Distribute the dye well, to perfectly cover the hairline too. Keep hands, skin and clothing clean. ...

EAN Code: 8021685010032

Minsan Code: 909051068


List Price 24,80 €

On line 21,82 €

CERAMOL 311 CREAM 200 ml Cream adjuvant in the treatment of eczema and atopic dermatitis, fragrance, preservatives or alcohol, indicated for skin ipereattive, intolerant and allergic. Its lipid mixture is able to restore the functionality of the skin. Application: one or two times a day according to the degree of dryness, is also indicated for the treatment of large areas.

EAN Code: 8029408028906

Minsan Code: 923675781


List Price 14,50 €

On line 13,05 €

BENEXOL gastro Based drug vitamin b1, b6 and b12 indicated in states of deficiency or increased requirements as in the occurrence of neuritis and polyneuritis.

Minsan Code: 020213144


List Price 25,50 €

On line 22,44 €

XINEPA 30 tablets Kolinpharma Our peripheral nervous system has the task of bringing information to the tissues and organs of the body. Controls the skeletal muscles and muscle tissue. His role is simple but vital: connects the central nervous system to the external environment and internal body. Many and varied are the possible causes of disorders of the peripheral nerves; they may be classified on the basis of some characteristics with regard to the mode of onset, the type of fiber concerned, the distribution of the pain and the type of "damage" that supports them. It is assumed hereditary and metabolic factors, oxidative stress on the nervous tissue ...

Minsan Code: 934388568


List Price 12,90 €

On line 11,22 €

Normal Tonimer Solution sterile and isotonic sea water slightly alkaline pH perfectly suited for the cleaning of the nasal passages.

EAN Code: 8033224818191

Minsan Code: 902262409


List Price 9,95 €

On line 8,26 €

With Blanx Whitening toothpaste with extract of lichen and analysis table of improvement attached to the package.

EAN Code: 8017331036914

Minsan Code: 922987146


List Price 28,00 €

On line 24,65 €

ZEROTOX RIBILLA Food supplement made of Perilla oil (500 mg) and Black Currant oil (250 mg). The Perilla supports the physiological defenses, normal cognitive function and well-being of the respiratory tract. The Ribes supports the body's natural defenses. Seed Oil Perilla (Perilla Frutescens Britton) Seed Oil Black Currant (Ribes nigrum L.), Gelatin, Agent of resistance: Glycerol. It is recommended that 's taking 2 capsules per day with meals.

Minsan Code: 9246477201


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