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List Price 40,00 €

On line 35,20 €

ERECTOSAN For the treatment of male erectile dysfunction. Mode d 'use 1-2 sachets per day. Dissolve the contents of one sachet into a glass and add 's water. Features A dietary supplement containing L-Citrulline and Maritime Pine, plant extracts with antioxidant action. With sweetener. Warnings Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of the reach of children under three years of age. The product is not intended as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Preservation ...

Minsan Code: 921577146


List Price 37,00 €

On line 32,19 €

Epicur Directions Useful in any case where it is required a marked antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effective, for the protection el 'integrity of the cardiovascular and nervous system, as an adjuvant in the treatment of autoimmune diseases. In the treatment of allergic diseases. Dosage and mode d 'use As a dietary supplement with antioxidant activity: 1-2 tablets daily with a meal. For various indications (autoimmune diseases, allergieà) the product can be taken in doses higher than second prescription. In case of prolonged use at high doses is recommended that periodic inspection (every 9-12 months) blood count, ...

Minsan Code: 921716369


List Price 32,00 €

On line 27,45 €

Fat Slender Forte Food supplement made of amino acids, carnitine, chromium and iodine combined action on the basal metabolism of the organism with the effect of control body weight, reduce hunger anxious and excess fat in the blood and in the liver and improve muscle tone and brain.

Minsan Code: 902340797


List Price 45,00 €

On line 38,70 €

Serplus Food supplement made of alpha lactalbumin that provides the body with the right amount of tryptophan, the precursor of serotonin, a mediator to help promote a state of humoral body.

Minsan Code: 904380969


List Price 10,60 €

On line 9,30 €

Valobra SOAP RESEDA 150 gr RESEDA Reseda: contains as active substance l 'oil wheat germ. It 'effective for sensitive scalps and is recommended especially in the winter season. Components: wheat germ oil.

EAN Code: 8018726000114

Minsan Code: 908957158


List Price 18,00 €

On line 15,66 €

Solution Of Manna Obtained from the sap of solidified ash, but ready to use after processing that makes The Fountain of Geraci Siculo, is valued for centuries as a digestive, sweetener, detoxification, intestinal regulator, emollient, diuretic, depurative and expectorant. Well-being by nature, according to tradition.

EAN Code: 8033003250211

Minsan Code: 923135406


List Price 5,40 €

On line 4,80 €

STEVIDA sweetener BAG Replace sugar with a sweetener 100% natural: you will have all the taste you want, but no calories! The bag Stevida 250 g contains a natural sweetener to 100% based on Stevia with a sweetening power equivalent to that of sugar, but no calories and glycemic index equal to zero. It can replace sugar in equal doses in all its uses; practical for sweetening hot and cold beverages and especially suited for the preparation of cakes and sweets. Stevida is suitable for the whole family, is especially recommended for diabetics and for all those who can not take sugar. Here are its main features:

Minsan Code: 000000000034


List Price 75,00 €

On line 63,75 €

ARTEMISIA ANNUAL SARANDREA 1 LITER water-alcohol solution of Artemisia annua produced by the firm Sarandrea srl. Take the second dose prescribed by their doctors. Water-alcohol solution containing alcohol, water, Artemisia annua and Artemisinin. L 'Artemisia annua was used right from ' antiquities in China for its antioxidant properties and stimulating the immune system. Today appears as an adjunct in alternative medicine protocols, more or less shared, for the treatment of various cancers.

Minsan Code: 911168452


List Price 16,00 €

On line 14,40 €


List Price 44,50 €

On line 38,27 €

Nec Food Protein Protein food low in electrolytes, but with high energy density to be used under medical advice (which MUST indicate the dosage), can be used in diets that require high energy intake and low in protein.

Minsan Code: 902081177


List Price 34,00 €

On line 29,92 €

PROTOCOL PLUS Food supplement made of Fortigel protein (collagen hydrolyzate), cynosbati (rose hips), selenium and vitamin C, which is indicated as a source of collagen for dietary supplementation of a specific type of articular cartilage and as an aid in the protection of cells from stress oxidative, typical of an inflammatory response. Ingredients Other ingredients: water; fructose; Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid); sodium selenate; citric acid; flavorings; potassium sorbate; sucralose. Mode d 'use It is recommended to take 1 vial per day orally, unless otherwise prescribed by the physician. The recommended dose for at least three weeks. Shake ...

EAN Code: 9242870810001

Minsan Code: 924287081


List Price 17,50 €

On line 14,88 €

Aloetransit Food supplement based on plant extracts such as aloe, turmeric, artichoke, Boldo and anise, to help promote a physiological cleansing action in the intestine and regularize the evacuation with softening effect on stool.

Minsan Code: 902179819


List Price 25,40 €

On line 22,10 €

Sideral Forte Based supplement of vitamin C and iron liposomal able to bypass the stomach unscathed reaching the maximum absorption in the intestine. Useful in all cases of increased demand or decreased dietary intake of iron.

EAN Code: 8033011160106

Minsan Code: 938980188


List Price 48,00 €

On line 42,25 €

WIQO NOURISHING MOISTURIZING DRY SKIN w iq or NOURISHING CREAM AND CREAM DRY SKINS FACE Cream rich, soft texture, which acts on the skin with a 'intense nourishing and moisturizing. It brings the nutrients and protective substances constitutionally deficient in the shallows or ultrasecche skin, keeping the skin nourished and hydrated. L 'high quality el ' high concentration of shea butter expressed in the skin softening function, nourishing, protective, adjuvants l 'skin elasticity. The active ingredient extracted from 'echinacea, plays a ' soothing and anti-inflammatory action, also ...

EAN Code: 8050450500027

Minsan Code: 970176309


List Price 16,90 €

On line 14,70 €

Neurofast Food supplement based on plant extracts known for their effectiveness in promoting general relaxation of the body and the onset of nocturnal sleep. Do not take during pregnancy.

Minsan Code: 904680321


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