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Online pharmacy Dr. CanforaOnline pharmacy Dr. Canfora
Online pharmacy Dr. CanforaOnline pharmacy Dr. Canfora
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Ma2 - Web Design

Marcello and Mattia are the makers of this site. High level of expertise to improve your online visibility, ability to interpret your needs and turn them into reality computer. L 'example is our website, clicked more and more, more and more visible, more and more functional.

AVIS Barengo

It 's the local branch of the ' Avis. Giving is a pleasant duty, when you can do it in favor of those who really need our help.

M Research Cosmetique

The M Research produces our personalized line of cosmetics. All natural extraction, excellent texture, favorable prices and exclusive area within a radius of 15-20 km Complete offer to customers in the pharmacy, pharmacists suggestion to colleagues.

Children's Paradise

"All are born naked, but then ... ". Novara's historical Store where you can find everything you need for a baby, from baby bottles to the stroller, from games to the bedroom.

Sergo Pharmacies

The protagonists of our restructuring. The best materials, the best expertise, from design to implementation. The pharmacy is more rational, sales have increased. A word of advice to colleagues who are preparing to restructure its pharmacy.


Free Advertising for your business? At the moment, on this site that optimizes the search for geographical areas, we are the first online pharmacy with an e-commerce throughout the Piedmont.



Phyto Garda

Our choice for the herbal medicine. Production standards at the highest levels and extreme purity raw materials for a strong relationship with what it comes from l 'art pharmaceutical industry: Nature. Complete line for the customer, suggestions for colleagues.


Portal online stores that indicates to us for the prices and quality of service.

Search engine that reports the most cost-efficient. And we are there!

Shop X Shopping

Search engine stores on which you can leave your comments about our business. Click the link and leave your opininone on us!

Last Shopping

Portal online stores that indicates to us for the convenience of the prices and to which short can leave your comments about our business.

Abano Terme Di

Our top cosmetic line: purity el 'effectiveness of trace elements to effect a spa ... at your home!



New forum dedicated to the lovers of animals

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