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Online pharmacy Dr. CanforaOnline pharmacy Dr. Canfora
Online pharmacy Dr. CanforaOnline pharmacy Dr. Canfora
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Reliable online pharmacy. Why?

reliable online pharmacy because the Our ​​eCommerce for the sale of parapharmaceuticals is online since 2009. Exactly from 16 January 2009.

Reliable because since 2009 we have now served thousands of customers with the same professional we offer to customers at the counter of Our pharmacy.

Reliable because before being a website, Dr. Canfora online pharmacy is a true Italian pharmacy based in the province of Novara, Bareilly in Vittorio Emanuele , 29. We encourage you therefore to go and visit us !

La farmacia on line affidabile

Reliable because since 2006 the Dr Luigi Camphor took over the ownership of the small pharmacy Bareilly the serving counter its customers . Since February of 2013 with the help of his wife Dr. Maria Grisoni .

Reliable because we answer the phone, call us at +39 0321 997296 . It will be a pleasure to introduce ourselves. There are also online at Skype , you have only to look for our account: farmaciadr.canfora

Reliable because as evidenced Our Facebook page have an alive and present. We respond quickly to the demands of our customers and, perhaps, with a bit of fun.

Reliable because it says who, over the years, acquired by us. Read the Pharmacy opinions on Camphor.

Our reliable because the shipments we rely on professionals: TNT and BRT. We ship to Italy and abroad.

Spediamo con TNT e BRT

Reliable because for Our shipments are traceable , and we know moment by moment their position .

Reliable because if you do not find what they 're looking for on our catalog portrai ask us and we will put it readily at your disposal. Try to believe.

Reliable because they are reliable payment methods that we offer, including PayPal. Pagamenti sicuri con PayPal

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